The Hope Group Operates Eight
Parker Stores in New England

The Hope Group operates eight Parker Stores in New England. Each store has an on-hand inventory of over 3,000 parts and components to meet our customer's "right now" requirements. Our on-hand inventory of $5 million is backed by the $150 million inventory available through our association with DistraNet. The Parker Store concept has expanded throughout the country and around the world over the past 15 years. Today, Parker has stores from Bangor, Maine to Shanghai, China. We are proud to operate eight stores in New England.

Our store locations are:

  • Bangor, Maine
  • Lewiston, Maine
  • Portland, Maine
  • Manchester, New Hampshire
  • Fitchburg, Massachusetts
  • Weymouth, Massachusetts
  • Cranston, Rhode Island
  • North Haven, Connecticut

Emergency Repairs

No solution is more urgent than the emergency repair of a vital hose or fitting that keeps a vehicle on the road, a machine spinning on the floor or a chemical process under control. The eight Parker Stores operated by The Hope Group from Maine to Connecticut stand ready to provide the fastest, most reliable local replacement of any ruptured hydraulic hose assembly up to 2-inch inside diameter and six-wire braid; plus, no better source exists for any hydraulic and industrial hose, fitting and adapter.

Specific Inventory

The Hope Group Parker Stores feature a wide range of products specifically designed to support the industries most prevalent in its region. For example, our coastal locations are ideally suited to support boat builders, boat yards, marinas, boat repair facilities and general marine businesses. Especially important to boat operators and boat repair facilities is access to premium filtration products such as marine diesel and gasoline filters.

Trained Staff on Hand

One of the most valuable assets at any of our Parker Stores are the talented professionals who work there. These factory-trained professionals can turn a hose assembly around in a hurry. They can help you troubleshoot a problem and suggest a solution and they are expert at helping you select the right components to meet your needs.

The Parker Store sign is your guarantee of authorized Parker parts and factory-trained technicians ready to solve your immediate hydraulic hose, valve and fitting needs.

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